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112th District Attorney’s Office

3 "A" Bereavement Foundation

3 A Bereavement Foundation

34th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence)

Abernathy P.D.

Abigail's Arms- Cooke County Family Crisis Center

Abilene Christian University P.D.

Abilene P.D.

Abilene/Taylor County Child Advocacy Center

Addison P.D.

Adult Protective Services- Regional Headquarters

Advocacy Center For Children of Galveston County

Advocacy Center for Children of El Paso

Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children

Advocates for Children, Inc.

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Alamo Heights P.D.

Alamo P.D.

Alba P.D.

Albany P.D.

Aldine I.S.D. P.D.

Aledo I.S.D. P.D.

Alice P.D.

Alief I.S.D. P.D.

All Walks of Life

Allen P.D.

Alliance For Children, Inc.

Alliance for Children

Alpine P.D.

Alto P.D.

Alton P.D.

Alvarado P.D.

Alvin Community College P.D.

Alvin I.S.D. P.D.

Alvin P.D.

Amarillo Area Casa, Inc

Amarillo College P.D.

Amarillo Fire Department

Amarillo P.D.

American Gateways

Amistad Family Violence & Rape Center

Anderson County CSCD

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office

Anderson District Attorney

Andrews County CSCD

Andrews County Sheriff’s Office

Andrews D.P.S.

Andrews District Attorney

Angelina County CSCD

Angelina County Sheriff’s Office

Angelina District Attorney

Angelo State Univ. Police

Angleton I.S.D. P.D.

Angleton Police Department

Anna P.D.

Anson P.D.

Anthony P.D.

Anton P.D.

Aransas County I.S.D. P.D.

Aransas County Sheriff’s Office

Aransas District Attorney

Aransas Pass P.D.

Archer City P.D.

Archer County Sheriff’s Office

Archer District Attorney

Arcola P.D.

Argyle P.D.

Arlington P.D.

Armstrong County Sheriff’s Office

Armstrong District Attorney

Arp Police Department

Arrow Child and Family Ministries

Asian Family Support Services of Austin

Atascosa County CSCD

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office

Atascosa District Attorney

Athens I.S.D. P.D.

Athens P.D.

Atlanta P.D.

Aubrey P.D.

Austin Child Guidance Center

Austin College P.D.

Austin County Sheriff’s Office

Austin District Attorney

Austin Fire Department

Austin I.S.D. P.D.

Austin P.D.

Austin Public Safety & Emergency Management Dept.

Avinger P.D.

Aware Central Texas

Azle I.S.D. P.D.

Azle P.D.

Bailey County CSCD

Bailey County Sheriff’s Office

Bailey District Attorney

Balch Springs Police Department

Ballinger P.D.

Bandera County Sheriff’s Office

Bandera District Attorney

Bandera P.D.

Bangs P.D.

Bardwell P.D.

Bartlett P.D.

Bastrop County CSCD

Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office

Bastrop County Women’s Shelter

Bastrop District Attorney

Bastrop P.D.

Battered Women’s Foundation

Battering Intervention Services of Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

Bay Area Turning Point, Inc.

Bay City I.S.D. P.D.

Bay City P.D.

Baylor County CSCD

Baylor County Sheriff’s Office

Baylor District Attorney

Baylor Scott & White Hospital

Baylor Univ. P.D.

Bayou Vista P.D.

Baytown Area Women’s Center

Baytown P.D.

Beaumont P.D.

Bedford P.D.

Bedford Police Department

Bee County Sheriff’s Office

Bee District Attorney

Beeville P.D.

Bell County CSCD

Bell County Sheriff’s Office

Bell District Attorney

Bellaire P.D.

Bellmead P.D.

Bells P.D.

Bellville P.D.

Belton P.D.

Benbrook P.D.

Bereaved Parents of USA-N Texas Chapter

Bertram P.D.

Beverly Hills D.P.S.

Bexar County CSCD

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Bexar District Attorney

Big Sandy P.D.

Big Spring P.D.

Bishop P.D.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office

Blanco District Attorney

Blanco P.D.

Blinn Junior College P.D.

Bloomburg P.D.

Blooming Grove P.D.

Blue Mound P.D.

Bluebonnet Children’s Center

Bo’s Place

Boerne P.D.

Bogata P.D.

Bonham P.D.

Booker P.D.

Borden County Sheriff’s Office

Borden District Attorney

Borger P.D.

Bosque County Sheriff’s Office

Bosque District Attorney

Bovina P.D.

Bowie County CSCD

Bowie County Sheriff’s Office

Bowie District Attorney

Bowie P.D.

Boyd P.D.

Boysville Inc.

Brady P.D.

Brazoria County Alliance for Children, Inc.

Brazoria County CSCD

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office

Brazoria District Attorney

Brazoria P.D.

Brazos County CSCD

Brazos County Rape Crisis Center/ Sexual Assault Resource Center

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office

Brazos District Attorney

Brazos River Authority P.D.

Brazosport College Security Dept.

Breckenridge P.D.

Bremond P.D.

Brenham P.D.

Brewster County Sheriff’s Office

Brewster District Attorney

Bridge City I.S.D. P.D.

Bridge City P.D.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center

Bridgehaven Children’s Advocacy Center

Bridgeport P.D.

Brighter Tomorrows Inc.

Brighter Tomorrows, Inc.

Briscoe County Sheriff’s Office

Briscoe District Attorney

Brookhaven College P.D.

Brooks County Sheriff’s Office

Brooks District Attorney

Brookshire P.D.

Brookside Village P.D.

Brown County CSCDBrown County Courthouse

Brown County Sheriff’s Office

Brown District Attorney

Brownfield P.D.

Brownsboro P.D.

Brownsville I.S.D. P.D.

Brownsville P.D.

Brownwood P.D.

Bruceville-Eddy P.D.

Bryan P.D.

Buffalo P.D.

Buffalo Springs Lake P.D.

Bullard P.D.

Bulverde P.D.

Burkburnett P.D.

Burke Center

Burleson County Sheriff’s Office

Burleson District AttorneyCounty Courthouse, #407

Burleson P.D.

Burnet County CSCD

Burnet County Sheriff’s Office

Burnet District Attorney

Burnet P.D.

Burton P.D.

CAC of Comal County

CAC of Grayson County

CAC of Hood and Somervell Counties

CASA 69th Judicial District, Inc

CASA de Misericordia

CASA for Kids

CASA for the Cross Timbers Area

CASA for the Highland Lakes Area, Inc

CASA of Angelina County, Inc

CASA of Bastrop County, Inc

CASA of Bell County, Inc

CASA of Cameron and Willacy Counties, Inc

CASA of Central Texas, Inc

CASA of Collin County, Inc

CASA of Denton County, Inc

CASA of El Paso

CASA of Fannin County, Inc

CASA of Grayson County, Inc

CASA of Hidalgo County, Inc

CASA of High Plains, Inc

CASA of North Texas, Inc

CASA of Nueces County Inc

CASA of Permian Basin Area Inc

CASA of Rockwall County, Inc

CASA of Smith County

CASA of South Plains, Inc

CASA of South Texas, Inc

CASA of Southeast Texas

CASA of Tarrant County

CASA of Travis County, Inc

CASA of Trinity Valley, Inc

CASA of West Texas

CASA of Wise County

Cactus P.D.

Caddo Mills P.D.

Caldwell County CSCD

Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office

Caldwell District Attorney

Caldwell I.S.D. P.D.

Caldwell P.D.

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

Calhoun District Attorney

Callahan County Sheriff’s Office

Callahan District Attorney

Calvert P.D.

Cameron County CSCD

Cameron County Children Advocacy Centers, Inc

Cameron County District Attorney

Cameron County Sheriff’s Office

Cameron P.D.

Camp County Sheriff’s Office

Camp District Attorney

Camp Wood P.D.

Camp/ Titus District Attorney

Caney City P.D.

Canton P.D.

Canyon P.D.

Carrizo Springs C.I.S.D. P.D.

Carrollton P.D.

Carson County District Attorney

Carson County Sheriff’s Office

Carthage P.D.

Cass County CSCD

Cass County Sheriff’s Office

Cass District Attorney

Castle Hills P.D.

Castleberry I.S.D. P.D.

Castro County Sheriff’s Office

Castro District Attorney

Castroville P.D.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of San Antonio

Cedar Hill P.D.

Cedar Park P.D.

Cedar Valley College P.D.

Celeste P.D.

Center Against family Violence - BIPP

Center I.S.D. P.D.

Center P.D.

Center for Child Protection

Center for Family Relations, Inc

Center of Hope - Parker County

Center on Aging- Cizik School of Nursing at UTHealth

Centers For Children and Families, Inc.

Central Texas College P.D.

Chambers County Sheriff’s Office

Chambers District Attorney

Chandler P.D.

Chapel Hill I.S.D. P.D.

Cherokee County CSCD

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

Cherokee District Attorney

Child Advocates of San Antonio

Child Advocates, Inc Court Advocacy Volunteer Services

Child Crisis Center of El Paso

Child Protective Services- Regional Headquarters


Children First, Inc

Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County

Children’s Advocacy Center of Central Texas, Inc.

Children’s Advocacy Center of Greater West Texas

Children’s Advocacy Center of Hidalgo County

Children’s Advocacy Center of Laredo- Webb County

Children’s Advocacy Center of Paris

Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County

Children’s Advocacy Center of South Plains

Children’s Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas

Children's Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County

Children's Safe Harbor

Childrenz Haven

Children’s Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County, Inc

Children’s Advocacy Center of The Big Bend

Children’s Trust Fund of Texas

Childress County CSCD

Childress County Sheriff’s Office

Childress District Attorney

Childress P.D.

Chillicothe P.D.

China Spring I.S.D. P.D.

Cibolo P.D.

Cisco P.D.

City of Dallas: Elder Abuse

City of West University Place P.D.

Clarksville P.D.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office

Clay District Attorney

Clear Lake Shores P.D.

Cleburne P.D.

Cleveland P.D.

Clifton P.D.

Clint P.D.

Clute P.D.

Clyde P.D.

Cochran County Sheriff’s Office

Cochran District Attorney

Cockrell Hill P.D.

Coke County Sheriff’s Office

Coke District Attorney

Coldspring-Oakhurst C.I.S.D. P.D.

Coleman County Sheriff’s Office

Coleman District Attorney

Coleman P.D.

College Station P.D.

College of the Mainland PD

Colleyville P.D.

Collin County CSCD

Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center

Collin County Community College P.D.

Collin County Sheriff’s Office

Collin County Women’s Shelter

Collin District Attorney

Collingsworth County Sheriff’s Office

Collingsworth District Attorney

Collinsville P.D.

Colorado City P.D.

Colorado County Sheriff’s Office

Colorado District Attorney

Columbia-Brazoria I.S.D. P.D.

Columbus P.D.

Comal County Emergency Children’s Shelter, Inc

Comal County Sheriff’s Office

Comal District Attorney

Comanche County CSCD

Comanche County Sheriff’s Office

Comanche District Attorney

Comanche P.D.

Combes P.D.

Combine P.D.

Commerce P.D.

Como P.D.

Concho County Sheriff’s Office

Concho District Attorney

Concho Valley Rape Crisis Center

Connally I.S.D. P.D.

Connections Individual and Family Services, Inc

Conroe I.S.D. P.D.

Conroe P.D.

Converse P.D.

Cooke Co Friends of the Family

Cooke County CSCD

Cooke County Sheriff’s Office

Cooke District Attorney

Coolidge P.D.

Cooperative Alternative Program P.D.

Coppell P.D.

Copperas Cove P.D.

Corinth P.D.

Corpus Christi P.D.

Corrigan P.D.

Corsicana P.D.

Coryell County CSCD

Coryell County Crime Victims' Coordinator

Coryell County Crime Victims' Office

Coryell County District Attorney

Coryell County Sheriff’s Office

Cottle County Sheriff’s Office

Cottle District Attorney

Cottonwood Shores P.D.

Court Appointed Special Advocates

Covington P.D.

Crandall P.D.

Crane County CSCD

Crane County Sheriff’s Office

Crane District Attorney

Crane P.D.

Crawford P.D.

Crime Victim Assistance Center

Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties

Crisis Center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties

Crisis Center of Comal County

Crisis Center of Comal Cty.

Crisis Center of Southeast Texas

Crisis Intervention of Houston, Inc.

Crockett County CSCD

Crockett County Sheriff’s Office

Crockett District Attorney

Crockett P.D.

Crosby County Sheriff’s Office

Crosby District Attorney

Crosbyton P.D.

Cross Plains P.D.

Cross Timbers Family Services, Inc

Crowell P.D.

Crowley P.D.

Crystal City P.D.

Cuero P.D.

Culberson County Sheriff’s Office

Culberson District Attorney

Cumby P.D.

Cuney P.D.

Cut and Shoot P.D.


DFW Airport P.D.

Daingerfield P.D.

Dalhart P.D.

Dallam County Sheriff’s Office

Dallam District Attorney

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

Dallas Casa, Inc

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Dallas County CSCD

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

Dallas County Victim Intervention & Rape Crisis

Dallas District Attorney

Dallas Fire Department

Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, Inc

Dallas P.D.

Danbury P.D.

Dawson County CSCD

Dawson County District Attorney

Dawson County Sheriff’s Office

Dawson P.D.

Dayton P.D.

De Kalb P.D.

De Leon P.D.

DeSoto P.D.

DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office

DeWitt District Attorney

Deaf Abused Women and Children Advocacy Services

Deaf Smith County CSCD

Deaf Smith County Crisis Center

Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office

Deaf Smith District Attorney

Decatur P.D.

Deer Park P.D.

Del Rio P.D.

Delta County Sheriff’s Office

Delta District Attorney

Denison P.D.

Denton County CSCD

Denton County Friends of the Family

Denton County Sheriff’s Office

Denton District Attorney

Denton P.D.

Denver City P.D.

Devine P.D.

Diboll I.S.D. P.D.

Diboll P.D.

Dickens County Sheriff’s Office

Dickens District Attorney

Dickinson P.D.

Dilley P.D.

Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office

Dimmit District Attorney

Dimmitt P.D.

Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, Inc

Diversified Family Counseling, Inc.

Diversity Center

Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP)

Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc.

Domino P.D.

Donley County Sheriff’s Office

Donley District Attorney

Donna I.S.D. P.D.

Double Oak P.D.

Dove Project

Driscoll P.D.

Dublin P.D.

Dumas I.S.D. P.D.

Dumas P.D.

Duncanville P.D.

Duval County Sheriff’s Office

Duval District Attorney

Eagle Lake P.D.

Eagle Pass I.S.D. P.D.

Eagle Pass P.D.

Early P.D.

Earth P.D.

East Central I.S.D. P.D.

East Mountain P.D.

East Tawakoni P.D.

East Texas Crisis Center

Eastfield College P.D.

Eastland County CSCD

Eastland County Crisis Center, Inc

Eastland County Sheriff’s Office

Eastland District Attorney

Eastland P.D.

Easton P.D.

Ector Co. I.S.D. P.D.

Ector County CSCD

Ector County Sheriff’s Office

Ector District Attorney

Ector P.D.

Edcouch P.D.

Eden P.D.

Edgewood I.S.D. P.D.

Edinburg C.I.S.D. P.D.

Edinburg P.D.

Edna P.D.

Edwards County Sheriff’s Office

Edwards District Attorney

El Campo P.D.

El Cenizo P.D.

El Paso CSCD

El Paso Center of Family Violence, Inc.

El Paso Community College P.D.

El Paso County County Attorney's Office

El Paso County District Attorney

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

El Paso FBI Field Office

El Paso Fire Department

El Paso I.S.D. P.D.

El Paso P.D.

Electra P.D.

Elgin P.D.

Ellis County CSCD

Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center

Ellis County Sheriff’s Office

Ellis District Attorney

Elmendorf P.D.

Elsa P.D.

Emory P.D.

Enchanted Oaks P.D.

Ennis P.D.

Erath County CSCD

Erath County Sheriff’s Office

Erath District Attorney

Estelline P.D.

Euless P.D.

Eustace P.D.

Fair Oaks Ranch P.D.

Fairfield P.D.

Fairview P.D.

Faith and Liberty’s Place Family Center

Falfurrias P.D.

Falls County CSCD

Falls County Sheriff’s Office

Falls District Attorney

Families in Crisis, Inc.

Families in Crisis, Inc.

Family Abuse Center

Family Counseling Service, Inc

Family Crisis Center

Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend, Inc.

Family Crisis Center, Inc.

Family Forward

Family Haven Crisis & Resource Ctr.

Family Peace Project, Inc.- Henderson County United Way

Family Service Association of San Antonio

Family Service Center

Family Service Center

Family Service Center Naval Air Station

Family Service Center of Galveston County, Inc

Family Services Women & Children’s Shelter

Family Services Women & Children’s Shelter Outreach

Family Services of El Paso, Inc

Family Services of Greater Houston

Family Services of Southeast Texas, Inc.

Family Shelter of McCulloch County

Family Shelter of San Angelo

Family Support Services of Amarillo, Inc.

Family Ties

Family Time Crisis and Counseling Center

Family Violence Diversion Network

Family Violence Prevention Services

Family Violence Program

Fannin County CSCD

Fannin County Children’s Advocacy Center

Fannin County Family Crisis Center

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office

Fannin District Attorney

Farmers Branch P.D.

Farmersville P.D.

Fayette County CSCD

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Fayette District Attorney

Federal Bureau of Investigation- Houston

Ferris P.D.

Finding Faith Within Yourself Inc.

First Step, Inc.

Fisher County Sheriff’s Office

Fisher District Attorney

Flatonia P.D.

Florence P.D.

Floresville P.D.

Flower Mound P.D.

Floyd County CSCD

Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

Floyd District Attorney

Floydada P.D.

Foard County Sheriff’s Office

Foard District Attorney

Focusing Families

For The Love of Christi, Inc

Forest Hill P.D.

Forney P.D.

Fort Bend Child Advocates

Fort Bend County CSCD

Fort Bend County District Attorney

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Fort Bend County Women’s Center, Inc.

Fort Bend County Women’s Center

Fort Bend County Women’s Center, Inc

Fort Stockton P.D.

Fort Worth Fire Department

Fort Worth P.D.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

Franklin District Attorney

Franklin P.D.

Frankston P.D.

Fredericksburg P.D.

Freedom Counseling

Freedom House

Freeport P.D.

Freer P.D.

Freestone County Sheriff’s Office

Freestone District Attorney

Friends For Hope

Friendship I.S.D. P.D.

Friendship of Women, Inc.

Friendswood P.D.

Frio County Sheriff’s Office

Frio District Attorney

Friona P.D.

Frisco P.D.

Fritch P.D.

Frontier Casa

Frost P.D.

Gaines County Sheriff’s Office

Gaines District Attorney

Gainesville I.S.D. P.D.

Gainesville P.D.

Galena Park P.D.

Galveston County CSCD

Galveston County District Attorney

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office

Galveston Fire Department

Galveston I.S.D. P.D.

Galveston P.D.

Ganado P.D.

Garden Ridge P.D.

Garland P.D.

Garrett P.D.

Garrison I.S.D. P.D.

Garrison P.D.

Garth House Mickey Mehaffy Children’s Advocacy Program

Garza County Sheriff’s Office

Garza District Attorney

Garza/Dickens County Victims Assistance Program

Gatesville P.D.

Gateway Family Services

Genesis Women’s Shelter

George Gervin Youth Center, Inc

George West P.D.

Georgetown P.D.

Giddings P.D.

Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office

Gillespie District Attorney

Gilmer P.D.

Gladewater P.D.

Glasscock County Sheriff’s Office

Glasscock District Attorney

Glenn Heights Police Department

Godley P.D.

Golden Crescent CASA

Goliad County District Attorney

Goliad County Sheriff’s Office

Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office

Gonzales District Attorney

Gonzales P.D.

Gorman P.D.

Graham P.D.

Granbury P.D.

Grand Prairie P.D.

Grand Saline P.D.

Grandview P.D.

Granite Shoals P.D.

Grapeland P.D.

Grapevine P.D.

Gray County CSCD

Gray County Sheriff’s Office

Gray District Attorney

Grayson County CSCD

Grayson County Children’s Advocacy Center

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office

Grayson Crisis Center

Grayson District Attorney

Green Light Ministries

Greenville P.D.

Gregg County CSCD

Gregg County Sheriff’s Office

Gregg District Attorney

Gregory P.D.

Grey Forest P.D.

Grimes County Sheriff’s Office

Grimes District Attorney

Groesbeck P.D.

Groveton P.D.

Gruver P.D.

Guadalupe County CSCD

Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office

Guadalupe District Attorney

Gun Barrel City P.D.

Gunter P.D.

HOPE, Inc.

Hale Center P.D.

Hale County CSCD

Hale County Crisis Center

Hale County Sheriff’s Office

Hale District Attorney

Hall County Sheriff’s Office

Hall District Attorney

Hallettsville P.D.

Haltom City P.D.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Hamilton District Attorney

Hamlin P.D.

Hansford County Sheriff’s Office

Hansford District Attorney

Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office

Hardeman District Attorney

Hardin County CSCD

Hardin County Crime Victims’ Assistance Center

Hardin County District Attorney

Hardin County Sheriff’s Office

Hardin-Simmons University P.D.

Harker Heights P.D.

Harlandale I.S.D. P.D.

Harlington P.D.

Harmony Home Children’s Advocacy Center

Harold's House- East Texas Alliance for Children Inc.

Harris County CSCD

Harris County District Attorney

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Harris Health System- Thomas Street

Harrison County CSCD

Harrison County Sheriff’s Office

Harrison District Attorney

Hart P.D.

Hartley County Sheriff’s Office

Hartley District Attorney

Haskell County CSCD

Haskell County Sheriff’s Office

Haskell District Attorney

Haskell P.D.

Hawk Cove P.D.

Hawkins P.D.

Hawley P.D.

Hays County District Attorney

Hays County Sheriff’s Office

Hays County Women’s Center

Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center

Healing Hearts Ministry

Hearne P.D.

Hedwig Village P.D.

Heidi Search Center

Heights Parents of Murdered Children for Family and Friends of Violent Crimes

Helotes P.D.

Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office

Hemphill District Attorney

Hemphill P.D.

Hempstead I.S.D. P.D.

Hempstead P.D.

Henderson County CSCD

Henderson County Help Center

Henderson County Sheriff’s Office

Henderson District Attorney

Henderson P.D.

Hereford P.D.

Hewitt P.D.

Hickory Creek P.D.

Hidalgo County CSCD

Hidalgo County District Attorney

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office

Hidalgo P.D.

Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center

Highland Park D.P.S.

Highland Park I.S.D. P.D.

Highland Village P.D.

Hill Country CASA

Hill Country Children’s Advocacy Center

Hill Country Crisis Council

Hill Country Crisis Council, Inc.

Hill Country Village P.D.

Hill County CSCD

Hill County Cares

Hill County Sheriff’s Office

Hill District Attorney

Hillsboro P.D.

Hitchcock P.D.

Hockley County CSCD

Hockley County Sheriff’s Office

Hockley District Attorney

Holiday Lakes P.D.

Holland P.D.

Holliday P.D.

Hollywood Park P.D.

Hondo P.D.

Honey Grove P.D.

Hood County CSCD

Hood County Sheriff’s Office

Hood District Attorney

Hooks P.D.

Hope Alliance

Hope of South Texas- Child Advocacy Center

Hope’s Door

Hopkins County CSCD

Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office

Hopkins District Attorney

Horizon City P.D.

Houston Area Women’s Center

Houston Baptist Univ. P.D.

Houston Comm. College Sys.

Houston County Sheriff’s Office

Houston District Attorney

Houston Fire Department

Houston I.S.D. P.D.

Houston Metro P.D.

Houston P.D.

Houston Trinity COS Children’s Advocacy

Howard County CSCD

Howard County Sheriff’s Office

Howard District Attorney

Howe P.D.

Hubbard P.D.

Hudson Oaks P.D.

Hudson P.D.

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office

Hudspeth District Attorney

Hughes Springs P.D.

Humble I.S.D. P.D.

Humble P.D.

Hunt County CSCD

Hunt County Rape Crisis Center/ Children’s Advocacy Center

Hunt County Sheriff’s Office

Hunt District Attorney

Huntington I.S.D. P.D.

Huntington P.D.

Huntsville P.D.

Hurst P.D.

Huston-Tillotson College D.P.S.

Hutchins P.D.

Hutchinson County CSCD

Hutchinson County Crisis Center, Inc.

Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office

Hutchinson District Attorney

Hutto P.D.

Incarnate Word University P.D.

Indian Lake P.D.

Ingleside P.D.

Innovative Alternatives, Inc.

Iowa Colony P.D.

Iowa Park P.D.

Irion County Sheriff’s Office

Irion District Attorney

Irving Family Advocacy Center

Irving P.D.

Italy P.D.

Itasca P.D.

Jacinto City P.D.

Jack County CSCD

Jack County Sheriff’s Office

Jack District Attorney

Jacksboro P.D.

Jackson County District Attorney

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Jacksonville I.S.D. P.D.

Jacksonville P.D.

Jamaica Beach P.D.

Jarrell P.D.

Jasper County CSCD

Jasper County District Attorney

Jasper County Outreach

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

Jasper Family Services Pineywoods Safe House

Jasper P.D.

Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s Office

Jeff Davis District Attorney

Jefferson County CSCD

Jefferson County District Attorney

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Jefferson I.S.D. P.D.

Jefferson P.D.

Jersey Village P.D.

Jewett P.D.

Jewish Family Service of Dallas

Jewish Family Service of San Antonio, Texas

Jim Hogg Co. I.S.D. P.D.

Jim Hogg County Sheriff’s Office

Jim Hogg District Attorney

Jim Wells County CSCD

Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office

Jim Wells District Attorney

Joaquin P.D.

Johnson City P.D.

Johnson County CSCD

Johnson County Children’s Advocacy Center

Johnson County Family Crisis Center

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Johnson District Attorney

Jones County CSCD

Jones County Sheriff’s Office

Jones District Attorney

Jonestown P.D.

Josephine P.D.

Joshua P.D.

Jourdanton P.D.

Judson I.S.D. P.D.

Junction P.D.

Justice For Children

Justin P.D.

Kalin’s Center

Karnes City P.D.

Karnes County CSCD

Karnes County Sheriff’s Office

Karnes District Attorney

Katy Christian Ministries

Katy I.S.D. P.D.

Katy P.D.

Kaufman Christian Help Center

Kaufman Co. I.S.D. P.D.

Kaufman County CSCD

Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office

Kaufman District Attorney

Kaufman P.D.

Keene P.D.

Keller P.D.

Kemah P.D.

Kemp I.S.D. P.D.

Kemp P.D.

Kempner P.D.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

Kendall County Women’s Shelter

Kendall District Attorney

Kenedy County Sheriff’s Office

Kenedy District Attorney

Kenedy P.D.

Kennedale P.D.

Kent County Sheriff’s Office

Kent District Attorney

Kerens P.D.

Kermit P.D.

Kerr County CSCD

Kerr County District Attorney

Kerr County Sheriff’s Office

Kerrville P.D.

Kids’ Advocacy Place

Kilgore College P.D.

Kilgore P.D.

Killeen I.S.D. P.D.

Killeen P.D.

Kimble County Sheriff’s Office

Kimble District Attorney

King County Sheriff’s Office

King District Attorney

Kingsville P.D.

Kinney County Sheriff’s Office

Kinney District Attorney

Kirby P.D.

Kirbyville P.D.

Kleberg County CSCD

Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office

Kleberg District Attorney

Klein I.S.D. P.D.

Knox City P.D.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Knox District Attorney

Kosse P.D.

Kountze P.D.

Kress P.D.

Krugerville P.D.

Krum P.D.

Kyle P.D.

La Coste P.D.

La Feria P.D.

La Grange P.D.

La Grulla P.D.

La Joya I.S.D. P.D.

La Joya P.D.

La Marque I.S.D. P.D.

La Marque P.D.

La Porte P.D.

La Salle County Sheriff’s Office

La Salle District Attorney

La Vernia P.D.

La Villa P.D.

Lacy-Lakeview P.D.

Ladonia P.D.

Lago Vista P.D.

Laguna Vista P.D.

Lake Country CASA

Lake Dallas P.D.

Lake Jackson P.D.

Lake LBJ Municipal Utility District P.D.

Lake Worth P.D.

Lakeport P.D.

Lakeview P.D.

Lakeway P.D.

Lamar County CSCD

Lamar County Sheriff’s Office

Lamar District Attorney

Lamar University P.D.

Lamb County CSCD

Lamb County Sheriff’s Office

Lamb District Attorney

Lambda GLBT Community Services

Lamesa P.D.

Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office

Lampasas District Attorney

Lampasas P.D.

Lancaster I.S.D. P.D.

Lancaster P.D.

Laredo Family Violence Center

Laredo I.S.D. P.D.

Laredo P.D.

Lavaca County CSCD

Lavaca County Sheriff’s Office

Lavaca District Attorney

Lavon P.D.

League City P.D.

Leander P.D.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Lee District Attorney

Legal Aid Society of Lubbock, Inc.

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas

Leon County Sheriff’s Office

Leon District Attorney

Leon Valley P.D.

Leonard I.S.D. P.D.

Leonard P.D.

Levelland Community Outreach Center

Levelland P.D.

Lewisville P.D.

Lexington P.D.

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

Liberty District Attorney

Liberty Hill I.S.D. P.D.

Liberty Hill P.D.

Liberty P.D.

Liberty-Eylau I.S.D. P.D.

Life School I.S.D. P.D.

Life Works

Limestone County CSCD

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office

Limestone District Attorney

Lindale P.D.

Linden P.D.

Lindsay P.D.

Lipscomb County Sheriff’s Office

Lipscomb District Attorney

Little Elm P.D.

Little River-Academy P.D.

Littlefield P.D.

Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office

Live Oak District Attorney

Live Oak P.D.

Liverpool P.D.

Livingston P.D.

Llano County Sheriff’s Office

Llano District Attorney

Llano P.D.

Lockhart P.D.

Lockney P.D.

Log Cabin P.D.

Lone Oak P.D.

Lone Star CASA, Inc.

Lone Star P.D.

Longview P.D.

Loraine P.D.

Lorena P.D.

Lorenzo P.D.

Los Fresnos C.I.S.D. P.D.

Los Fresnos P.D.

Lott P.D.

Loving County Sheriff’s Office

Loving District Attorney

Lubbock Christian Univ. P.D.

Lubbock County CSCD

Lubbock County District Attorney

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office

Lubbock I.S.D. P.D.

Lubbock P.D.

Lubbock Rape Crisis Center

Lubbock Victim Assistance Services Inc

Lubbock-Cooper I.S.D. P.D.

Lufkin P.D.

Luling P.D.

Lumberton P.D.

Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc

Lynn County Sheriff’s Office

Lynn County- County Attorney

Lynn District Attorney

Lytle P.D.

MADD Brazos Valley Chapter

MADD Corpus Christi Office

MADD Dallas Office

MADD Edinburg Office

MADD Fort Worth Office

MADD Lubbock Office

MADD McKinney Office

MADD Permian Basin

MADD Waxahachie Office

MADD, Gulf Area

Mabank P.D.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Madison District Attorney

Madisonville P.D.

Magnolia P.D.

Malakoff I.S.D. P.D.

Malakoff P.D.

Manor P.D.

Mansfield I.S.D. P.D.

Mansfield P.D.

Manvel P.D.

Marble Falls P.D.

Marfa P.D.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Marion District Attorney

Marion P.D.

Marlin I.S.D. P.D.

Marshall P.D.

Mart P.D.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Martin District Attorney

Martindale P.D.

Mary Hardin-Baylor University P.D.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office

Mason District Attorney

Matagorda County CSCD

Matagorda County Casa Inc.

Matagorda County District Attorney

Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office

Matagorda County Women’s

Matagorda County Women’s Crisis Center Wharton County Outreach

Mathis P.D.

Maud P.D.

Maverick County CSCD

Maverick County Sheriff’s Office

Maverick District Attorney

Maypearl P.D.

McAllen I.S.D. P.D.

McAllen P.D.

McCulloch County CSCD

McCulloch County Sheriff’s Office

McCulloch District Attorney

McKinney P.D.

McLennan Comm. College P.D.

McLennan County CSCD

McLennan County District Attorney

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office

McLeod I.S.D. P.D.

McMullen County Sheriff’s Office

McMullen District Attorney

Meadows Place P.D.

Medina County District Attorney

Medina County Family Life Center

Medina County Sheriff’s Office

Melissa P.D.

Memorial Hermann Hospital System

Memorial Villages P.D.

Memphis P.D.

Menard County Sheriff’s Office

Menard District Attorney

Mental Health Association

Mercedes P.D.

Meridian P.D.

Merkel P.D.

Mesquite P.D.

Mexia I.S.D. P.D.

Mexia P.D.

Mexican American Unity Council, Inc

Mid-Coast Family Services, Inc.

Midland College P.D.

Midland County CSCD

Midland County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Intervention Unit

Midland District Attorney

Midland Fair Havens, Inc

Midland I.S.D. P.D.

Midland P.D.

Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center

Midlothian P.D.

Midwestern State Univ. P.D.

Migrant Clinicians Network, Inc.

Milam County CSCD

Milam County Sheriff’s Office

Milam District Attorney

Milford P.D.

Mills County Sheriff’s Office

Mills District Attorney

Mineral Wells P.D.

Mission Granbury

Mission P.D.

Missouri City P.D.

Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office

Mitchell District Attorney

Monahans P.D.

Mont Belvieu P.D.

Montague County District Attorney

Montague County Sheriff’s Office

Montgomery County CSCD

Montgomery County Child Advocacy Center

Montgomery County District Attorney

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Montgomery County Women’s Center

Montgomery P.D.

Montrose Counseling Center, Inc

Moody P.D.

Moore County CSCD

Moore County Sheriff’s Office

Moore District Attorney

Morgan’s Point Resort P.D.

Morgan’s Point P.D.

Morris County CSCD

Morris County Sheriff’s Office

Morris District Attorney

Mosaic Family Services, Inc

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving- East Texas

Mothers Against Drunk Driving- North Texas

Mothers Against Drunk Driving- South Texas

Mothers Against Drunk Driving- Southeast Texas

Motley County Sheriff's Office

Motley District Attorney

Moulton P.D.

Mount Enterprise P.D.

Mount Vernon P.D.

Mountain View College P.D.

Mountain View College P.D.

Mt. Pleasant I.S.D. P.D.

Mt. Pleasant P.D.

Muenster P.D.

Mujeres Unidas/Women Together

Muleshoe P.D.

Munday P.D.

Murphy P.D.

Mustang Ridge P.D.

Nacogdoches County CSCD

Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office

Nacogdoches District Attorney

Nacogdoches I.S.D. P.D.

Nacogdoches P.D.

Nash P.D.

Nassau Bay P.D.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - Texas

National Center on Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence

Navarro College P.D.

Navarro County CSCD

Navarro County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc

Navarro County Sheriff’s Office

Navarro District Attorney

Navasota P.D.

Nazareth P.D.

Nederland P.D.

Needville I.S.D. P.D.

Needville P.D.

Neighborhood Youth and Family Counseling

New Beginning Center

New Beginning Center - Mesquite

New Boston P.D.

New Braunfels P.D.

New Caney I.S.D. P.D.

New Deal P.D.

New Horizon Family Center

New Life Worship Center

New London P.D.

New Summerfield P.D.

New Tomorrows

Newbridge Family Shelter

Newton County Sheriff’s Office

Newton District Attorney

Newton P.D.

Nixon P.D.

No Boundaries International

Noah Project, Inc.

Nocona P.D.

Nolan County CSCD

Nolan County District Attorney

Nolan County Sheriff’s Office

Nolanville P.D.

Norma's House

Normangee P.D.

North East I.S.D. P.D.

North Forest I.S.D. P.D.

North Lake College P.D.

North Richland Hills P.D.

Northeast Texas CASA, Inc

Northeast Texas Child Advocacy Center Inc

Northlake P.D.

Northside I.S.D. P.D.

Northwest Assistance Ministries

Norville Center

Not Above the Law

Nueces County CSCD

Nueces County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc

Nueces County Juvenile Services

Nueces County Sheriff’s Office

Nueces District Attorney

Oak Ridge North P.D.

Oak Ridge P.D.

Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Office

Ochiltree District Attorney

Odessa College P.D.

Odessa P.D.

Office of the Governor- Criminal Justice Division

Old River Winfree P.D.

Oldham County Sheriff’s Office

Oldham District Attorney

Olmos Park P.D.

Olton P.D.

Onalaska P.D.

One Safe Place

Open Arms

Orange County CSCD

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Orange District Attorney

Orange Grove P.D.

Orange P.D.

Ore City P.D.

Our Lady of the Lake University P.D.

Overton P.D.

Ovilla P.D.

Oyster Creek P.D.

O’Donnell P.D.

Paducah P.D.

Palacios I.S.D. P.D.

Palacios P.D.

Palestine P.D.

Palm Valley P.D.

Palmer P.D.

Palmhurst P.D.

Palo Pinto County CSCD

Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office

Palo Pinto District Attorney

Paluxy River Children’s Advocacy Center

Pampa P.D.

Pampa United Way

Panhandle Assessment Center

Panhandle Crisis Center, Inc.

Panhandle P.D.

Panola College P.D.

Panola County CSCD

Panola County Sheriff’s Office

Panola District Attorney

Panorama P.D.

Pantego P.D.

Parents Anonymous of Texas, Inc

Parents of Murdered Children

Paris Junior College D.P.S.

Paris P.D.

Parker County Attorney

Parker County CSCD

Parker County Sheriff’s Office

Parker District Attorney

Parker P.D.

Parmer County Sheriff’s Office

Parmer District Attorney

Pasadena I.S.D. P.D.

Pasadena P.D.

Patsy’s House Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc

Patton Village P.D.

Payne Springs P.D.

Pearland P.D.

Pearsall P.D.

Pecan Valley Regional Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc

Pecos County CSCD

Pecos County Sheriff’s Office

Pecos P.D.

Pelican Bay P.D.

Penitas P.D.

People Against Violent Crime

Perryton P.D.

Petersburg P.D.

Pflugerville P.D.

Pharr P.D.

Phoebe’s Home/ Twin City Mission

Pilot Point P.D.

Pinehurst P.D.

Pineland P.D.

Pittsburg I.S.D. P.D.

Pittsburg P.D.

Plainview P.D.

Plano P.D.

Pleasanton P.D.

Point Comfort P.D.

Point Isabel I.S.D. P.D.

Point P.D.

Polk County CSCD

Polk County Criminal District Attorney

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Ponder P.D.

Port Aransas P.D.

Port Arthur P.D.

Port Isabel P.D.

Port Lavaca P.D.

Port Neches P.D.

Port of Beaumont - Port Authority P.D.

Port of Corpus Christi Authority P.D.

Port of Galveston P.D.

Port of Houston P.D.

Portland P.D.

Post I.S.D. P.D.

Poteet P.D.

Poth P.D.

Potter County CSCD

Potter County District Attorney

Potter County Sheriff’s Office

Pottsboro P.D.

Prairie View A&M University Police Department

Premont P.D.

Presidio County Sheriff’s Office

Presidio District Attorney

Presidio P.D.

Prevent Child Abuse

Primera P.D.

Princeton P.D.

Progreso P.D.

Project ADAM

Promise House, Inc

Prosper P.D.

Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts (PEACE Initiative)

Quanah P.D.

Queen City P.D.

Quinlan I.S.D. P.D.

Quinlan P.D.

Quitman P.D.

Rains County Sheriff’s Office

Rains District Attorney

Rains I.S.D. P.D.

Ralls P.D.

Rancho Viejo P.D.

Randall County Sheriff’s Office

Randall District Attorney

Ranger Junior College P.D.

Ranger P.D.

Ransom Canyon P.D.

Rape Crisis Center of Collin County, Inc

Rape Crisis Victim Services of Big Spring

Rapha Ministries, Inc.

Raymondville I.S.D. P.D.

Raymondville P.D.

Reagan County Sheriff’s Office

Reagan District Attorney

Real County Sheriff’s Office

Real District Attorney

Red Oak I.S.D. P.D.

Red Oak P.D.

Red River County Sheriff’s Office

Red River District Attorney

Reeves County CSCD

Reeves County Sheriff’s Office

Reeves District Attorney

Refugio County Sheriff’s Office

Refugio District Attorney

Refugio P.D.

Regional Crime Victim Crisis Center

Reklaw P.D.

Reno P.D.

Resource Center of Dallas

Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County

Rhome P.D.

Rice I.S.D. P.D.

Rice P.D.

Rice Univ. P.D.

Richardson P.D.

Richland College P.D.

Richland Hills P.D.

Richmond P.D.

Richwood P.D.

Riesel P.D.

Rio Bravo P.D.

Rio Grande City C.I.S.D. P.D.

Rio Grande City P.D.

Rio Grande Valley Empowerment Zone Corp

Rio Hondo I.S.D. P.D.

Rio Hondo P.D.

Rio Pecos Family Crisis Center

Rio Vista P.D.

Rising Star P.D.

River Oaks P.D.

Roanoke P.D.

Roberts County Sheriff’s Office- Victim Assistance Program

Roberts District Attorney

Robertson County Sheriff’s Office

Robertson District Attorney

Robinson P.D.

Robstown P.D.

Rochester P.D.

Rockdale P.D.

Rockport P.D.

Rockwall County CSCD

Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office

Rockwall District Attorney

Rockwall P.D.

Rogers P.D.

Rollingwood P.D.

Roma P.D.

Roman Forest P.D.

Roosevelt I.S.D. P.D.

Ropesville P.D.

Roscoe P.D.

Rosenberg P.D.

Round Rock P.D.

Rowlett P.D.

Roxanne’s House

Roy Maas Youth Alternative, Inc

Royal I.S.D. P.D.

Royse City P.D.

Rule P.D.

Runaway Bay P.D.

Runnels County Sheriff’s Office

Runnels District Attorney

Rusk County CSCD

Rusk County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc

Rusk County Sheriff’s Office

Rusk District Attorney

Rusk P.D.

Rusk- Panola Children’s Advocacy Center


STARS Rape Crisis Center of El Paso


Sabinal P.D.

Sabine County Sheriff’s Office

Sabine District Attorney

Sachse P.D.

Safe Austin

Safe Haven of Tarrant County

Safe Place of the Permian Basin

Safe Place, Inc.

Safe Seguin

SafeHaven Of Tarrant County

SafeHaven Resource Center

Safer Path Family Violence Shelter

Saginaw P.D.

Saint Jo P.D.

Salado P.D.

Salvation Army Family Violence Program

Sam Houston St. Univ. P.D.

San Angelo I.S.D. P.D.

San Angelo P.D.

San Antonio Airport Police

San Antonio Fire Department

San Antonio I.S.D. P.D.

San Antonio P.D.

San Antonio Park P.D.

San Augustine County Sheriff’s Office

San Augustine District Attorney

San Benito P.D.

San Diego P.D.

San Felipe P.D.

San Felipe-Del Rio I.S.D. P.D.

San Jacinto College Dist. P.D.

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office

San Jacinto District Attorney

San Juan P.D.

San Marcos P.D.

San Patricio County CSCD

San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office

San Patricio District Attorney

San Saba County Sheriff’s Office

San Saba District Attorney

San Saba P.D.

Sanctuary House

Sanger P.D.

Sansom Park P.D.

Santa Anna P.D.

Santa Fe I.S.D. P.D.

Santa Fe P.D.

Santa Rosa I.S.D. P.D.

Savoy P.D.

Schertz P.D.

Schertz/Cibolo/University I.S.D. P.D.

Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office

Schleicher District Attorney

Schulenburg P.D.

Scotty’s House Brazos Valley Child Advocacy Center

Scurry County CSCD

Scurry County District Attorney

Scurry County Sheriff’s Office

Seabrook P.D.

Seadrift P.D.

Seagoville P.D.

Seagraves P.D.

Sealy I.S.D. P.D.

Sealy P.D.

Seguin P.D.

Selma P.D.

Seminole P.D.

Serving Children and Adolescents in Need, Inc

Seton Home

Seven Points P.D.

Sexual Trauma and Assault Response Services, Inc

Seymour P.D.

Shackelford County Sheriff’s Office

Shackelford District Attorney

Shallowater I.S.D. P.D.

Shallowater P.D.

Shamrock P.D.

Shavano Park P.D.

Shelby County Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Shelby District Attorney

Shelbyville I.S.D. P.D.

Shelter Agencies For Families in East Texas, Inc

Shelter for Families in East Texas, Inc.

Shenandoah P.D.

Sherman County Sheriff’s Office

Sherman District Attorney

Sherman P.D.

Shiner P.D.

Shoreacres P.D.

Silsbee P.D.

Sinton P.D.

Slaton P.D.

Smith County CSCD

Smith County Sheriff’s Office

Smith District Attorney

Smithville P.D.

Snyder P.D.

Socorro I.S.D. P.D.

Socorro P.D.

Somerset I.S.D. P.D.

Somervell County Sheriff’s Office

Somervell District Attorney

Somerville P.D.

Sonora P.D.

Sour Lake P.D.

South Houston P.D.

South Padre Island P.D.

South Plains College P.D.

South San Antonio I.S.D. P.D.

Southern Methodist University P.D.

Southlake Dept. of Public Safety

Southmayd P.D.

Southside I.S.D. P.D.

Southside Place P.D.

Southwest Family Life Center

Southwest Family Life Centers, Inc

Southwest I.S.D. P.D.

Southwest Key Program, Inc

Southwest Texas

Southwestern University P.D.

Splendora I.S.D. P.D.

Splendora P.D.

Spring Branch I.S.D. P.D.

Spring Hill I.S.D. P.D.

Spring I.S.D. P.D.

Spring Valley P.D.

Springtown P.D.

Spur P.D.

St Peter St Joseph Children’s Home

St. Edwards Univ. P.D.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

St. Mary’s University P.D.

St. Peter- St. Joseph Children’s Home

Stafford P.D.

Stagecoach P.D.

Stamford P.D.

Stanton P.D.

Star Harbor P.D.

Starr County CSCD

Starr County District Attorney

Starr County Sheriff’s Office

Stephen F. Austin University Police Department

Stephens County Sheriff’s Office

Stephens District Attorney

Stephenville P.D.

Sterling County Sheriff’s Office

Sterling District Attorney

Stinnett P.D.

Stonewall County Sheriff’s Office

Stonewall District Attorney

Stratford P.D.

Students In Christ’s Youth Center

Sudan P.D.

Sugar Land Police Department

Suicide and Crisis Center

Sul Ross University P.D.

Sullivan City P.D.

Sulphur Springs I.S.D. P.D.

Sulphur Springs P.D.

Sundown P.D.

Sunray P.D.

Sunrise Beach P.D.

Sunset P.D.

Sunset Valley P.D.

Surfside Beach P.D.

Sutton County Sheriff’s Office

Sutton District Attorney

Sweetwater P.D.

Swisher County Sheriff’s Office

Swisher District Attorney

TDCJ Victim Services

Taft I.S.D. P.D.

Taft P.D.

Tahirih Justice Center

Tahoka I.S.D. P.D.

Tahoka P.D.

Talty P.D.

Tarleton State Univ. P.D.

Tarrant County CSCD

Tarrant County College District P.D.

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

Tarrant District Attorney

Tatum P.D.

Taylor County CSCD

Taylor County Sheriff’s Office

Taylor District Attorney

Taylor Lake Village P.D.

Teague P.D.

Temple College D.P.S.

Temple P.D.

Terrell County Sheriff’s Office

Terrell District Attorney

Terrell Hills P.D.

Terrell I.S.D. P.D.

Terrell Police Service

Terry County CSCD

Terry County Sheriff’s Office

Terry District Attorney

Texans for Equal Justice

Texarkana Children’s Advocacy Center

Texarkana Community College P.D.

Texarkana I.S.D. P.D.

Texarkana P.D.

Texas A&M Univ. - Texarkana P.D.

Texas A&M Univ. Commerce P.D.

Texas A&M Univ. P.D. - Galveston

Texas A&M Intl. Univ. P.D.

Texas A&M Univ. Corpus Christi P.D.

Texas A&M University P.D.

Texas Advocacy Project

Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

Texas Casa, Inc

Texas Center for the Missing

Texas Christian Univ. Campus P.D.

Texas City I.S.D. P.D.

Texas City P.D.

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Texas Council on Family Violence

Texas Court Appointed Special Advocates

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Texas Department of Human Services

Texas Department of Protective & Regulatory Services

Texas Department of Public Safety- Victim Services

Texas Health Dallas

Texas Juvenile Justice Department- Victim Services

Texas Lutheran University P.D.

Texas Medical Center PD

Texas Office of the Attorney General

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

Texas Southern Univ. P.D.

Texas State Tech. College Sweetwater P.D.

Texas State Tech. College-Harlingen P.D.

Texas State Univ. At San Marcos P.D.

Texas Tech Univ. P.D.

Texas Victim Services Association

Texas Woman’s University P.D.

Texoma Council of Government Area Agency on Aging

The ARK Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Shelter

The Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center

The Children’s Assessment Center Foundation

The Colony P.D.

The Counseling Institute of Texas, Inc

The Crisis Center

The Family Place

The Harbor Children’s Alliance and Victim Center

The Hill Country Community Needs Council

The Martin House Children’s Advocacy Center

The Purple Door

The Rachel Foundation

The Rape Crisis Center

The Salvation Army

The Senior Source, Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas

The Turning Point (Rape Crisis of Collin County)

The Women's Center

Thompsons P.D.

Thorndale P.D.

Thornton P.D.

Thrall P.D.

Three Rivers P.D.

Throckmorton County Sheriff’s Office

Throckmorton District Attorney

Tidehaven I.S.D. P.D.

Tiki Island P.D.

Timbercreek Canyon P.D.

Timpson I.S.D. P.D.

Tioga P.D.

Titus County Sheriff’s Office

Todd Mission P.D.

Tolar P.D.

Tom Bean P.D.

Tom Green County CSCD

Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office

Tom Green District Attorney

Tomball P.D.

Tool P.D.

Tralee Crisis Center for Women, Inc.

Trauma Support Services of North Texas, Inc.

Travis County CSCD

Travis County District Attorney

Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Trenton P.D.

Trinidad P.D.

Trinity County District Attorney

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office

Trinity P.D.

Trinity University PD & Campus Security

Trinity Valley Community College PD

Troup P.D.

Tulia P.D.

Twin City Mission, Inc

Tye P.D.

Tyler County CSCD

Tyler County Sheriff’s Office

Tyler District Attorney

Tyler I.S.D. P.D.

Tyler Jr. College Campus P.D.

Tyler P.D.

U.T.-Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

UT Southwestern Med Center P.D.

United I.S.D. P.D.

United Way of Grayson County

Univ. Houston Clear Lake P.D.

Univ. Of North Texas H&S Center

Univ. Of North Texas P.D.

Univ. Of St. Thomas Security Police

Univ. Of Texas System Police

Univ. of Houston Downtown P.D.

Univ. of Houston P.D.

Univ. of Texas - Brownsville P.D.

Univ. of Texas Health Science Center P.D.

Univ. of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston P.D.

Universal City P.D.

University Park P.D.

University of Texas - Dallas P.D.

University of Texas San Antonio P.D.

University of Texas- Arlington Police Department

University of Texas-El Paso P.D.

University of Texas-Permian Basin P.D.

Upshur County CSCD

Upshur County Sheriff’s Office

Upshur District Attorney

Upton County Sheriff’s Office

Uvalde County CSCD

Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office

Uvalde District Attorney

Uvalde P.D.

Val Verde County CSCD

Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office

Val Verde District Attorney

Valley Int’l Airport P.D.

Valley Mills P.D.

Valley View P.D.

Van Alstyne P.D.

Van I.S.D. P.D.

Van P.D.

Van Zandt County CSCD

Van Zandt County District Attorney

Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office

Venus P.D.

Vernon College P.D.

Vernon P.D.

Via Metropolitan Transit Authority P.D.

Victim Assistance Centre, Inc

Victim Relief Ministries

Victims Outreach

Victims’ Assistance Center Services

Victoria College P.D.

Victoria County CSCD

Victoria County Sheriff’s Office

Victoria District Attorney

Victoria P.D.

Vidor I.S.D. P.D.

Vidor P.D.

Violence Intervention Network

Virginia’s House- A Family Resource Center, Inc.

Voice of Hope

WAV Project


Waco I.S.D. P.D.

Waco P.D.

Waelder P.D.

Wake Village P.D.

Walker County CSCD

Walker County Sheriff’s Office

Walker District Attorney

Waller County Sheriff’s Office

Waller District Attorney

Waller P.D.

Wallis P.D.

Walnut Springs P.D.

Ward County CSCD

Ward County Sheriff’s Office

Ward District Attorney

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Washington District Attorney

Waskom P.D.

Watauga Department of Public Safety

Waxahachie P.D.

Weatherford College P.D.

Weatherford P.D.

Webb County CSCD Justice Center

Webb County Sheriff’s Office

Webb District Attorney

Webster P.D.

Weimar P.D.

Wells P.D.

Weslaco I.S.D. P.D.

Weslaco P.D.

West Columbia P.D.

West Lake Hills P.D.

West Orange P.D.

West P.D.

West Tawakoni P.D.

West Texas A & M Univ. P.D.

West Texas Children’s Advocacy Center

West Univ. Place P.D.

Western Texas College P.D.

Westover Hills P.D.

Westworth P.D.

Wharton County CSCD

Wharton County Sheriff’s Office

Wharton District Attorney

Wharton P.D.

Wheeler County CSCD

Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office

Wheeler District Attorney

White Oak P.D.

White Settlement I.S.D. P.D.

White Settlement P.D.

Whitehouse P.D.

Whitesboro P.D.

Whitewright P.D.

Whitney P.D.

Wichita County CSCD

Wichita County Sheriff’s Office

Wichita District Attorney

Wichita Falls I.S.D. P.D.

Wichita Falls P.D.

Wichita Foundation Children’s Services, Inc

Wilbarger County CSCD

Wilbarger County Sheriff’s Office

Wilbarger District Attorney

Willacy County Sheriff’s Office

Willacy District Attorney

Williamson County CSCD

Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center

Williamson County Crisis Center

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

Williamson District Attorney

Willis P.D.

Willow Park P.D.

Wills Point P.D.

Wilmer P.D.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Office

Wilson District Attorney

Windcrest P.D.

Winfield P.D.

Wink P.D.

Winkler County CSCD

Winkler County Sheriff’s Office

Winkler District Attorney

Winnsboro I.S.D. P.D.

Winona P.D.

Wintergarden Women's Shelter, Inc.

Wintergarden Women’s Shelter, Inc.

Winters P.D.

Wise County Domestic Violence Task Force

Wise County Sheriff’s Office

Wise District Attorney

Wolfe City P.D.

Wolfforth P.D.

Women Together Foundation, Inc.

Women Together/Men Against Violence

Women and Children’s Resource Center, Inc

Women in Need

Women in Need, Inc.

Women’s Center of Brazoria County

Women’s Center of East Texas

Women’s Advocacy Project, Inc.

Women’s Center of Brazoria County

Women’s Center of East Texas

Women’s Crisis Center

Women’s Protective Services-BIPP

Women’s Shelter of Corpus Christi

Women’s Shelter of East Texas

Women’s Shelter of South Texas

Wood County CSCD

Wood County Sheriff’s Office

Wood District Attorney

Woodbranch P.D.

Woodville P.D.

Woodway Public Safety Dept.

Wortham P.D.

Wylie P.D.

YMCA of the Greater Houston Area/ International Services

Yoakum County Sheriff’s Office

Yoakum District Attorney

Yoakum P.D.

Yorktown P.D.

Young County CSCD

Young County Family Resource Center

Young County Sheriff’s Office

Young District Attorney

Youth and Family Counseling Services

Zapata County Sheriff’s Office

Zapata District Attorney

Zavala County District Attorney

Zavala County Sheriff’s Office

Zavalla P.D.

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