The Crime Victim's Institute (CVI) at Sam Houston State University is committed to advancing research on victimization in Texas.

It is our hope that the information contained here will provide access to CVI's research, as well as information and resources from victim service agencies.


  • Featured Research


    Exposure to chemical waste and its attendant health effects are not equally distributed across the U.S. The aim of the current study is to examine the relationship between toxic releases and prisons at a nationwide level.

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  • Upcoming Events

    Texas Victim Services Association presents From Theory to Practice: Victimization, Justice, and Healing

    October 27-28, 2022:
    College Station, TX

    Two day event with workshops on research that affects the work of judges, victim advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, and mental health service providers.

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  • Recent CVI Talks


    We sat down with Ms. Sarah Hilderbrand, Coordinated Community Response Coordinator with the Texas Council on Family Violence, and Dr. Grace Loudd, Assistant Professor with Texas Southern University, to talk about family violence.

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With the mission of conducting research to examine the impact on victims of all backgrounds to promote a better understanding of victimization, improve services to victims, assist victims of crime by giving them a voice, and inform victim-related policy making at the state and local levels, the Crime Victims’ Institute has been dedicated to research and providing training on victimization-related issues. Through our publications, CVI Talks, and webinars, we pride ourselves on educating professionals and the public on victimizations. Our monthly fact sheets cover a specific type of victimization to give our audience a broad understanding of the topic. Our legislative briefs update our audience on the latest developments and information in legislative affairs and informs the public on victim-related policies on the state and local levels. Our research series gives our researchers the opportunity to explore a certain type of victimization in depth over several technical reports. The Crime Victims Institute also hosts practitioners and academic researchers as a part of our podcast, CVI Talks, to discuss certain types of victimizations that they specialize in. With the goal of providing professional development on practical skills for working in the field, our webinars serve as a way to continue in depth discussions about victimizations with professionals in the field.
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